You Are My Shepherd

A New Hymn/Anthem/Vocal Solo

By Gloria Fanchiang

In 2018, I wrote a comforting melody during a difficult and uncertain time of transition in my life. I intended to turn the tune into a song, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I was inspired to create a setting of Psalm 23 with that melody. The result was the song “You Are My Shepherd,” released as a recording in early 2023. The music draws from my classical music background, and I had the pleasure of collaborating with Keiko Ying, who added a moving cello part. As a society, especially since the pandemic, we need much comfort and rest, which I hope this song can offer to listeners and worshippers. “You Are My Shepherd” can be used throughout the year, including the Lenten season, as we journey with Christ through the valley of the shadow of death.


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You Are My Shepherd

Words & Music by Gloria Fanchiang

© 2023, Yun Music, ASCAP

CCLI Song # 7214193

Verse 1

You are my Shepherd

You are my Shepherd

I shall not want, shall not want

You lead me forward

Providing for me

I have no reason to fear


Though I journey through the valley

Of the shadow of death

You are with me

Offering comfort

In the presence of my enemies

Your blessing unfolds

You anoint me

You restore me

Verse 2

Your lovingkindness

Your lovingkindness

Shall follow me all my days

My cup runs over

My cup runs over

And I shall dwell in your house forever

Amen  ■

Gloria Fanchiang is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, producer, and worship leader based in Los Angeles, California. Gloria holds a Certificate of Christian Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and she was named a Lovelace Scholar in 2019 by the Hymn Society. Gloria’s music was featured at the 2022 Urbana Missions Conference and the 2022 Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Consultation. She is a second-generation Taiwanese American and is passionate about decolonizing worship for Asian Americans through her original worship music and blog on AAPI worship resources. Connect with Gloria on social media @glofanmusic and learn more about her at


United in Love

Composition by Andrey Stolyaroved 

You Are My Shepherd

By Gloria Fanchiang


"Upright cross with outwardly widening ends. It is often seen in relics from the late antique and early medieval Byzantine Empire (until c. 800) and was adopted by other Christian cultures of the time, such as the Franks and Goths."

— Wikipedia


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