United in Love

A Composition by Andrey Stolyarov 

I wrote this piece as part of Gilead Congregational Church's Fall 2022 Stewardship Campaign, where the theme was "Together we are home." The song is all about how the strength of our church family comes not just from the worship in the sanctuary but from the work we do to build up our community and provide for others in need.

Here is a recording of the piece with my choir and me at the piano. I have not written the piano part down yet, so I cannot give that to you. I do give you permission to use this in your church music program. 

United in Love on my YouTube channel.


Andrey Stolyarov is a Russian-born American composer, conductor, singer, and educator. As a composer, he has received national and international recognition for his works. He has recently been commissioned by The Choral Arts Society of New Jersey, CONCORA, and the Young New Yorkers' Chorus. Andrey is an adjunct professor of music theory at The Hartt School, where he has taught since 2015. He has been an active church musician for 15 years, currently serving as Minister of Music at Gilead Congregational Church in Hebron, Connecticut, where he conducts the choir and plays the organ.

Additionally, Andrey is the conductor of the Hebron Community Chorus, a new non-auditioned group he helped create in 2021. He is an active professional singer, currently performing with Voce and CONCORA. He is active on his YouTube channel, where you can hear his music and other educational content.

Additional information can be found at andreystolyarov.com. Andrey recently recorded an album of his a cappella choral music, which will be released at the beginning of 2024.

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United in Love

Composition by Andrey Stolyaroved 

You Are My Shepherd

By Gloria Fanchiang


"Upright cross with outwardly widening ends. It is often seen in relics from the late antique and early medieval Byzantine Empire (until c. 800) and was adopted by other Christian cultures of the time, such as the Franks and Goths."

— Wikipedia


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