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UCCMA DEI Mission Statement

Recognizing that people provide musical leadership in every congregation and that the congregations where they serve differ in many ways, we seek to welcome and support all who serve as congregational musicians, regardless of their musical education and experiences, by providing resources that help congregations to love, support, and seek justice for people of all kinds.

We are dedicated to fostering a rich tapestry of individuals on the UCCMA board by actively recruiting people from a wide range of ethnicities, gender identities, ages, locations, socio-economic status, and congregation sizes to serve on the board.

We seek to be mindful of the different worldviews among musicians and congregations. Therefore, we strive to celebrate and respect those differences which can include but are not limited to sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race/ethnicity, different abilities, mental health, socio-economic status, immigration status, cultural background, age, experience with incarceration, addictions, or homelessness. In order to make UCCMA membership available to all, we are working to establish an endowment fund that will allow us to offer free membership to all UCC congregations, pastors, and musicians.

We acknowledge that the UCC includes congregations that vary widely in age, size, location, history, financial stability, and worship style and that all are part of the UCCMA mission.

We also welcome participation from musicians serving congregations of other denominations and are happy to share our resources and events with any persons or communities that find them helpful.

We seek to assist and learn from all who minister through music and the arts.

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