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Conference 2017 Worship Services

Opening Night
 The Gathering

July 9, 2017

The United Parish in Brookline

The Rev. Mary Luti

Nick Page

Concert Prelude, beginning at 7:30pm, features the Boston University Trombone Choir directed by Don Lucas with Peter Sykes, organist. 

Festival Worship begins at 8pm with the Rev. Mary Luti, preaching and Nick Page directing a Boston area inter-congregational chorus that will lead worship. Choral music includes selections composed and arranged by Nick Page himself as well as Aaron Copland's The Promise of Living and Maurice Duruflé's Sanctus from the Requiem accompanied by organ and trombone chorus! Psalms, hymns, anthems, and multi-cultural songs all adorn our opening night celebration.

Monday Night
 The Prayers

July 10, 2017

First Church UCC in Cambridge

Fred Graham

Willie Sordillo
Pre-service talk given by Fred Kimbell Graham at 7:30 p.m.

Evensong will begin at 8pm, presented by the in-residence organization "Night Song" in collaboration with liturgical jazz saxophonist, Willie Sordillo.  

Through the stillness of the evening, burning candles and incense, bells, sacred art, and most especially music, Night Song brings serene beauty and quiet peace into human lives. No words are spoken; everything is perceived through the senses.The music is a unique fusion of contemplative modal instrumental improvisations by jazz musicians blended with ancient and modern chant, and punctuated by glorious polyphonic choral music from the Renaissance. To some, Night Song is experienced as a spiritual journey and may be a supplement to their regular spiritual practice. Others use it as a vehicle to quietly let their concerns and hopes rise as incense into the fragrant evening air. Many receive a sense of comfort and strength. And there are those who find that the experience transports and transforms them, allowing an escape for moments of peace and clarity. Monastic in nature, Night Song is purposefully intended to be an experience that differs dramatically from daily life. While Christian in content, Night Song is open to all and does not include creeds, sermons, or participatory elements. Simply sit still and let beauty enfold you. Or use the experience to express your hopes and concerns for others in your life and in our sometimes troubled world. Then leave in peace.

Beneficial lucis, directed by James Busby performing ensemble
Tuesday Night
 The Word

July 11, 2017

Old North Church in Boston's North End

Megan Henderson

The Rev. Kaji Spellman

Concert prelude beginning at 7:30pm, featuring Anne Azéma, voice and hurdy gurdy, Susanne Ansorg, vielle, guittern and lauta, and members of The Boston Camerata performing European music of the 12th and 13th century.

Beginning at 8pm, we will worship in the style of early America, singing shape-note music of the past and present with the guidance of Megan Henderson and a chorus of early music specialists. The Rev. Kaji Spellman Douša, Senior Pastor of The Park Avenue Christian Church in Manhattan, will preach to us on the power and prison of our words.

Wednesday Night
 Festival Worship - The Blessing

July 12, 2017

Old South Church in Boston's Back Bay

The Rev. Nancy Taylor

Betsy Burleigh

Griff Gall

Our concert prelude beginning at 7:30pm will feature a gospel combo of star soloists and instrumentalists from the Old South Gospel Worship team that will perform for us, and at times let the us join in the fun! 

Beginning at 8pm, our worship will focus on hands -- the hands that create, that bless, that make music, that touch, that hold. The Rev. Nancy Taylor, Old's South Senior Minister, will talk about our creative hands, Betsy Burleigh will direct the conference choir in a series of diverse anthems, including Paul Halley's gospel-jazz-Broadway version of Hold to God's Unchanging Hand, Daniel Elder's stunning Elegy, Stacey Gibbs' rousing arrangement of the spiritual Hold On! and "Let Thy Hand be Strengthened" from Handel's Coronation Anthem No. 2. Griff Gall will direct the conference bell choir in a new piece by Lee Afdahl, And All Shall Clap Their Hands, and a beloved arrangement of Engelbert...and we will be blessed.

Photo from Festival Worship at the Seattle Conference, 2013

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