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The United Church of Christ Musicians Association, Inc. will hold its National Biennial Conference on July 9-12, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, where more than 200 professional church musicians from across the country (most of them hailing from the Northeast) will attend workshops, concerts, and worship services. The goal of this conference is to inspire, educate, and nurture church musicians, as well as build and transform the communities in which we live and serve. We offer several opportunities for you to interact with our attendees. Below is our shopping cart where you can review your options (click on shopping cart item for full description) and pay for your choice. Be sure to follow up with our contact people to submit your ad content or to make further arrangements.

Advertise in the Program Book

We invite you to place an ad in our program book. This opportunity will support hardworking musicians and also give you a chance to advertise your goods and services or your upcoming performing season. The booklet size will be 8 ½ x 11. Advertisement spaces are black & white/grayscale and are available in a variety of sizes and locations.

Ads should be 300 dpi minimum and formatted in pdf or jpeg.

All ads and text must be submitted digitally to Kristen Bressler at kristen@uccma.org.
Go here to view a diagram of ad layouts.

Program Book Description

The program book contains the daily itinerary, information about workshops, performers, and presenters, concert programs, worship orders, and information about our host venues including Simmons College, United Parish in Brookline, First Church UCC in Cambridge, Old North Church, and Old South Church.

Tote Bags, Handheld Fans, Vendor Tables

We would love to find two generous sponsors -- one each for our tote bags and our handheld fans. Your design will be prominently displayed on the item you choose to support. Use the shopping cart to view the description and to pay. Contact Susan DeSelms to finalize arrangements.

Vendors are encouraged to rent a table to sell items or display materials. Exhibits have specific schedule times. See our conference daily schedule. Pay here and contact Susan DeSelms to finalize your arrangements.

Payment Options
The shopping cart allows you to pay by credit card via PayPal or by check. Complete instructions will appear, including a mailing address for checks.

Helpful Links

For complete information about our national conference: UCCMA Boston 2017
To learn more about the United Church of Christ Musicians Association
Submit ad copy and text to: Kristen Bressler
For questions about anything: Susan DeSelms

Donor Page

If you simply wish to give a donation, we will acknowledge your support on the donor's page of the program book.
To donate, go here.


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Thank you! Your sponsorship of our event is greatly appreciated.

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