Our First “Worship, Music & Ministry” Issue

Looking back to our origins in the 1990s, we include the first issue of our UCCMA journal from February 1999. This issue followed our first summer conference in 1998 at the Trinity Conference Center in Cornwall, CT. There were only two issues that first year, but they were chock full of exciting and valuable information. Jane D. Wilmot was the editor then and continued in that position until 2008. The entire board is listed on the opening page – a fantastic group that started our organization and brought us into the 21st century.

The opening, “In This Issue,” was written by Jane to prepare you for what is coming in the magazine. We encourage you to open the PDF file and read the entire issue.



United in Love

Composition by Andrey Stolyaroved 

You Are My Shepherd

By Gloria Fanchiang


"Upright cross with outwardly widening ends. It is often seen in relics from the late antique and early medieval Byzantine Empire (until c. 800) and was adopted by other Christian cultures of the time, such as the Franks and Goths."

— Wikipedia


The first 22 years of Worship, Music & Ministry in print.

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Worship, Music & Ministry is a publication of the United Church of Christ Musicians Association, Inc. and is issued three times a year. The journal is distributed to members of UCCMA as a benefit of membership.

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