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Holy and Divine Eye Candy

February 01, 2024 8:00 AM | Treva Stose (Administrator)


Dear Kind and Gentle People,

Oh My Soul! Here at “The Mill” mother nature has gifted us with holy and divine eye candy in the form of wet sticky snow several times in the last week. This is a blessing! When you have wet sticky snow, as opposed to dry power, you are able to make “snow ice cream.” Simply fill a bowl with the cold sticky stuff from the heavens, add sugar and a dash of vanilla, mix well, and Voila! a tried and true Maine concoction that slides down the gullet with great joy! The other blessing of snow is that it is a grand opportunity to arm yourself with your trusty snow shovel and exercise your entire body. Yes, Petah shoveled “The Mill,” the Newfield Community Church and the Newfield Historical Society. His reward, “snow ice cream!” Eye candy turned into frozen delight. Thank you Holy One!

Our faith journey through the season of Epiphany has presented many opportunities to reflect on Jesus’ mission and ministry. As sacred musicians we have experienced the forgiveness and healing he offers. We have unlimited potential to serve our congregations and greater community not only with sacred sound but with our lifegiving words, heartfelt joy and unconditional love that flows though us.

As we look toward Transfiguration Sunday, Ash Wednesday and Lent, perhaps you will be extra mindful of the holy and sacred gift of life that is uniquely yours. Hopefully you will embrace and share the light of truth that has been given to you, much like you might enjoy a giant bowl of Maine “snow ice cream.” That’s correct, it is not to be kept to yourself but shared with everyone. May your music ministry bless and refresh the souls of those you serve and may your journey through Lent cleanse and renew your spirit as pure and clean as the new sticky snow.

As always,

Gobs of Blessings and Heaps of Happiness,


Rev. Dr. Peter Stickney, Chaplain


  • February 04, 2024 10:05 AM | Eric Dundore (Administrator)
    You are indeed such a blessing to all of us lucky enough to read your musings. Keep it up, good friend!
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