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Editor’s Note

Dear Spiritually Faithful,

Most of us are in the process of healing and rebirth when it comes to what we are attempting to do in worship and music within our congregations right now. As we watch the pandemic recede more and more into our rearview mirrors, we desire tools to make the transition back to some sense of normalcy. To that end UCCMA presents to you this Summer issue based on “Healing through Worship and the Arts.” We wanted to offer you some perspectives that will help you recognize the various modes of grief, pain and trauma that we have lived through in the past year and how to heal from them.

This issue is chock full of articles. We are so excited to give you a healing song from our highlighted hymnist of the year, Amanda Udis-Kessler and have compiled a list of useful healing anthems for your consideration. All of these wonderful authors have generously given their time and effort to help you and your congregations bounce back in healthful and spiritual ways. Please pass these articles on to clergy and other worship planners in your congregations so they can use these strategies and ideas.

This summer should be a pivotal transitional time for most of us and we hope that there are aspects of this journal that will assist you in some way. Please let me know how we can better serve you and your ministry and be relevant in your life. We are here to serve you!

Keep spreading those joyful sounds! 

Eric Dundore

To Our Readership

Worship, Music & Ministry Changes Format

After a thoughtful feasibility study, the United Church of Christ Musicians Association Board of Directors has voted to change the journal’s presentation format from a printed and mailed publication to an online digital journal. As of the Fall edition, the journal may be found online at the UCCMA website. This change is due to a number of reasons:

• An online journal will have less impact on the environment.

• The digital format allows for immediate links to videos, recordings, websites, podcasts, webinars, etc.

• Photographs, artwork, diagrams and other graphics can be presented in color.

• Articles can still be copied.

• The content can be made available to a much wider readership.

• Previous issues are easily available.

You will receive an email announcement for each new issue of the journal when it is posted.

Anyone who feels that this new format will be a problem due to lack of computer access should contact the editor so that we can work out any challenges you might have. We want all of our membership to continue to enjoy this useful resource and we value your input. Contact Eric Dundore, Editor at 717-460-8301 or


Listen to My Sighing


We Wait Full of Hope

by Richard Bruxfoort Colligan


by Cliff Aerie

As Our Voices Join Together

by Amanda Udis-Kessler


Mariners Cross

Anchored Cross

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